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Teacher manual (only chapter 2 is fully demonstrated)
Source code

Chapter 1
Downloading the necessary files (5:50)
Installing Jar file, first project (8:33)
Demonstrating the graphical interface (7:33)
Grid settings, grid & coordinate conventions (7:31)

Chapter 2
The Bug class (5:03)
The BoxBug class (6:45)
Testing with BugRunner (8:18)
The SpiralBug class (3:48)

Chapter 3
Location class methods (7:39)
The compareTo method/project (8:05)
ZorroBug project (8:33)

Chapter 4
Simple methods of the Grid interface (7:54)
Methods that return an ArrayList (5:15)
The getEmptyAdjacentLocations project (5:23

Chapter 5
Methods of the Actor class (9:31)
The canMove & turn methods of Bug (5:02)
The move method of the Bug class (5:25)
BugBeGone project (5:50)
JumpingBug demo (4:03)
JumpingBug code (8:30)

Chapter 6
Five methods called by the Critter act class (6:42)
Critter class code explained (7:29)

Chapter 7
Demonstrating ChameleonCritter (4:54)
ChameleonCritter code explained (4:02)
Demonstrating CrabCritter (5:30)
CrabCritter code explained (10:50)

Chapter 8
Overview of Grid data structures (2:42)
AbstractGrid code explained (9:29)
BoundedGrid code explained (5:49)
UnboundedGrid code explained (5:14)

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