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   A word from the author (4:25)
   Setting up your computer

Lesson 1: Hello World
  Program skeleton (7:28)
  Rem’s and simple arithmetic (9:33)
  In depth look at Rem’s (4:39)

Lesson 2: Variable Types
   Three variable types (11:13)
   Declaring and initializing (5:05)
   Rules for variable names (3:16)

Lesson 3: Simple String Operations
  Concatenation, length method (9:16)
  substring method (4:48)
  Case conversion, concatenating strings and numerics (6:35)
  Escape sequences (7:29)

Lesson 4: Using Numeric variables
   Assignment, declarations, arithmetic (9:28)
   Rules of algebra (8:28)
   Incrementing, decrementing, compound operators (8:32)
   More on incrementing, truncation (6:55)

Lesson 5: Mixed Data Types, Casting, and Constants
   Casting (5:55)
   Subtleties of casting, constants (7:46)

Lesson 6: Methods of the Math Class
   Math class, sqrt, floor, ceil (6:11)
   PI , round (5:06)

Lesson 7: Input from the keyboard
Inputting integers (6:25)
   Inputting doubles, multiple inputs (4:27)
   Inputting strings (3:36)
   Inputting an entire line of text (3:09)

Lesson 8: The Boolean Type and Boolean Operators
   Boolean testing for equality (3:57)
   Boolean AND (3:43)
   Boolean OR (2:59)
   Operator precedence (4:10)

Lesson 9: The if Statement
   Basic if-else (3:42)
   Using OR with if, equality of strings (4:56)
   equalsIgnoreCase , no braces (3:13)
   Multiple uses of if-else (4:08)

Lesson 10: The switch Statement and char
   Building a menu (4:05)
   switch skeleton (5:18)
   Entering code into a switch statement (4:58)
   Using char in a switch statement (4:23)
   Using same code for multiple cases (3:33)

Lesson 11: The for-Loop
   A simple for-loop (8:25)
   Major parts of the for-loop (5:22)
   Scope, break (7:03)
   No braces, nested loops (3:13)

Lesson 12: The while & do-while Loops
   The while loop (3:34)
   The do-while loop (4:16)
   No braces, break, continue (3:13)