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Lesson 13: ASCII and More on char
Legal operations with strings, integers, and characters (1:56)
   ASCII codes (7:35)
   String/char conversions, the Character class (5:32)
   Upper/lower case conversions (3:11)

Lesson 14: Binary, Hex, and Octal
  Comparison of number systems (5:58)
   Hexadecimal system (5:51)
   Entering hex and octal values (7:01)
   Integer.toString, Integer.parseInt (7:48)

Lesson 15: Classes and Objects
   Building a Circle class (8:28)
   area and circumference methods (4:54)
   Signature of a method, constructor (5:10)

Lesson 16: More on Classes and Objects
   public and private access (4:40)
   Anonymous objects, setting objects equal (6:20)
   Equality of objects (6:16)
   String equality, object reassignment (5:46)

Lesson 17: Advanced String Methods
   compareTo method (4:59)
   indexOf method (5:04)
   charAt, replace, trim(4:50)
   Using Scanner with a String argument (4:48)
   Scanner hasNext method, adjacent delimiters (3:05)

Lesson 18: Arrays
   Three ways to create an array (6:45)
   Array length, initializing an array (4:05)
split method (4:08)


Lesson 19: Advanced Array Concepts
   Initializing an object array, comparing array elements (5:34)
   Multiple references, arraycopy method (4:23)
   The Arrays class (4:50)
   Command line arguments (4:20)
   Enhanced for-loop (6:02)

Lesson 20:static Methods and State Variables
   First reason for using static (8:20)
   Second reason for using static (3:48)
   Miscellaneous static facts (3:00)

Lesson 21: Wrapper Classes
   Primitive type and wrapper class equivalents (4:47)
    Arithmetic conversions (2:51)

Lesson 22: Additional Methods of Wrapper Classes
   Converting strings into numerics (5:13)
    Base conversions (4:10)

Lesson 23: Input from a Disk File
   Creating a text file (5:07)
    Inputting the file (6:42)

Lesson 24: Processing File Input with Scanner
   Inputting data (4:11)
   Dealing with unpredictable data (5:45)

Lesson 25:    Writing to a Text File (6:33)

Lesson 26: Formatting (rounding off)
   Using the NumberFormat class (5:12)
   The Formatter class in general (5:30)
   Details of the Formatter class (5:21)
   printf (6:02)