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Lesson 42:ArrayList
   Advantages and disadvantages (4:48)
   Type parameters, samples (5:27)

Lesson 43:Iterator/ListIterator
   Iterator basics (3:20)
   Iterator creations, methods (5:13)
   Examples (5:14)

Lesson 44:Comparable and Comparator Interfaces
   The basics (5:16)
   Implementing compareTo (7:04)
   Wrapper class objects, Arrays.sort (5:06)
   Comparator (6:16)

Lesson 45:HashSet/TreeSet
   Overview (4:21)
   Creating Set objects (5:21)
   Union and intersection (4:17)

Lesson 46:HashMap/TreeMap
   The basics, interface methods (3:50)
   Map objects, retrieving key-value pairs (5:49)
   Map.Entry, type parameters (3:37)

Lesson 48: Singly Linked List
   Fundamentals of a linked list (3:11)
   The node class (5:20)
   The append method (8:55)
   The traveresAndPrint method (6:28)

Lesson 49: The LinkedList Class and Stacks
   Overview (4:31)
   Building a stack class (8:27)
   A stack calculator (8:33)


Lesson 50: Binary Search
   A binary search example (7:10)
   Implementing an iterative binary search (7:18)
   Recursive binary search (4:07)
   Linear vs binary search (5:39)

Lesson 51: Binary Search Tree
   BST basics (6:04)
   The addNode method (7:17)
   The traverseAndPrint method (4:37)
   Big O, balance, objects as data (6:21)
   Traversals (7:11)
   Binary tree expressions (4:39)

Lesson 52: Queues
   Queue basics (3:15)
   Implementing a queue (5:59)

Lesson 54: Heaps
   Heap definitions (2:50)
   Adding and removing nodes (5:18)
   Printing heaps (5:17)

Lesson 55: Priority Queues
   Priority queue fundamentals (6:15)
   Interface, heap sort (3:27)

Lesson 56: Lookup Tables and Hashing
   Simple lookup table (4:48)
   Indices computed from keys (7:08)
   When lookup tables are not practical (5:14)
   Hashing techniques (8:19)