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Free Java book available for download or on-line use... regarded by many as the best java book for high school computer science because of its organization and unique approach:

 ...mastery of the fundamentals before the introduction of classes and objects.

 ...with emphasis on AP and Contest* preparation   

The motivation and reasons for writing this Blue Pelican Java book fall into four distinct categories:

  • In Texas (where the author teaches) no Java textbooks are yet available from the state.

  • Dissatisfaction with available java textbooks at the high school level. Click here to see author's philosophical difference with how most text books are done.

  • AP preparation.

  • The desire to thoroughly prepare students for UIL* competition in computer science.

This Java textbook is a free download in pdf form or can be purchased in hard-cover form. You have permission to distribute this document to your students as a file but not in printed form (at the insistence of my publisher... exception: Purchase both hard-cover text and pdf answer book and also receive printable pdf flash-drive versions of both).  For more information, use the buttons above, or follow the links to the left.

New! Blue Pelican Graphical Labs... manual & flash drive... it's not what you might think... find out more

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Produce winners in competition.
***3 out of 5 use this java book.

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One of the primary goals of this Java book is to prepare students for the AP test. Another is to prepare for competition...and in the process, learn Java. Over the years, I have seen such competition  make a significant difference in the lives of many students. If a teacher is not gentle in this approach to competition you can easily "burn-out" students....especially if you continually bombard them with those lengthy 40 question tests. Blue Pelican Java is a kinder and more gentle approach in that just the right number of relevant  UIL* contest type problems are given in most lessons...the student should not feel overwhelmed.

*UIL contests are the Texas version of state sanctioned, student competition....from athletics to academics. On this site, "UIL contests" refer to the computer science portion of the competition. The skills necessary for these contest mirror those for Comp Sci AP.

**In 2006 - 2013, 3 out of 5 of the size-ranked state champion teams in Texas used Blue Pelican Java as their java textbook. Blue Pelican Java has replaced Big Java (incidentally, a very fine book) as the favorite for high school use.

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