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View sample lessons and

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View sample lessons and

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This high school computer science text book is highly focused, concise, and to the fluff, no frills. Every topic covered in AP and on most contests (especially Texas UIL**) is thoroughly covered in this text along with plenty of practice in five different forms:

  • Exercises...generous amount and varied

  • Programming projects

  • Contest type problems focused on current lesson ... ExamView versions of these problems available (quizzes too).

  • All problem types force review of past material

  • Golden Nuggets of Wisdom***

Many of the new features of the recently released Java 7.0 are detailed in a free pdf version of this 543 page  book.

With some of the large Java text books available, you constantly need to decide the sequence in which you should teach and what material to just completely skip. With Blue-Pelican Java, here is your approach to teaching:

  • Start on lesson 1

  • Proceed at a reasonable pace (and get through the book in one school year)

  • Don't skip anything

You will find that there was no skimping on the answers/keys (nearly 600 pages) and is available in hardcopy form. It is also available as a separate, printable pdf download (convenient for printing tests and quizzes) upon the purchase of both a textbook and answer book.

Preface    Table of Contents    Sample Lessons     Index    Philosophy            
AP(A) Correlation     Time-Line     Texas TEKS/TAKS Correlation    
            Golden Nugget of Wisdom                 Teaching Tools

* UIL contests are the Texas version of state sanctioned, student competition....from athletics to academics. On this site, "UIL contests" refer to the computer science portion of the competition... In 2006, 4 out of 5 of the size-ranked state champion teams in Texas used BPJ as their textbook.

**Instead of long-winded explanations you will find the information is most often conveyed with a simple explanation along with several code examples. There is no substitute for good code examples.

***Golden Nuggets of Wisdom are daily exercises for the purpose of "sharpening-up" just before a contest. Issue a "nugget" each day followed by a short quiz (provided) the next day.

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