Produce winners in UIL* competition. **3 out of 5 use this book.

          There are basically two types of contests:

  • Written test (The Blue-Pelican Java text book especially addresses preparation for this type)

  • Hands-on programming. While this text book will also help in this area there is no substitute for practice in writing original programs from scratch

Most lessons in this book have a short section of UIL* type problems. The format is essentially the same as UIL* tests so that the student becomes accustomed to this format. Additionally, the UIL* problems are highly focused on the learning activities of that particular lesson.

Sample Lesson #52 has a UIL* section toward the end.

Need to review for a contest? The BPJ forums are a great way to do this!

* UIL contests are the Texas version of state sanctioned, student competition....from athletics to academics. On this site, "UIL contests" refer to the computer science portion of the competition.

**In 2006, 4 out of 5 of the size-ranked state champion teams in Texas used BPJ as their textbook.