AP Case Study- GridWorld
Booklet & Videos


The new Computer Science AP case study--GridWorld.

GridWorld has a graphical interface so that students can see, test, and prove the fruit of their labor. The graphical nature of the projects engages and motivates because of its "game-like" appeal.

Students are typically very highly motivated with this particular case study... makes debugging code easier and fun.

Be sure to check out the free chapter download and the associated
free videos.

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The 2013-2014 school year is the last year for GridWorld. The college board is replacing it with "Three AP Labs". See the Blue Pelican version. It is now also a part of Platinum.

Have your students absolutely nail this portion of the AP exam!

The booklet (84 pages):

  • Broad overview of what GridWorld is all about
  • Explanation of how to download from The College Board & install
  • Explanations of how to use the graphical interface to test code
  • Crystal clear explanations of the various classes and how to use their methods
  • Numerous exercises with extensive keys
  • Programming projects with source code provided
  • Much easier to understand than the Student Handbook provided by the College Board
  • Appendices - AP original source code
  • Permission to duplicate and distribute within your own school
  • Both hard copy and pdf version of the teacher manual supplied
  • Booklet is just the right length (84 pages)
    • Too long, and decisions must be reached about what to leave out because of time contraints (there are other things to teach besides GridWorld). With this booklet, cover it all.
    • Too short, and the student is not adequately prepared.
    • A good, solid AP student will be able to get through this material in approximately two weeks.

The accompanying videos:

  • Videos emphasize the visual nature of this case study.
  • Motivational factor - Students are more easily engaged by the game-like nature of the case study. The videos engage the students immediately.
  • Several videos for each chapter (almost 3 hours total)
  • Some of the finer and more subtle points of the GridWorld case study are explained in the video.
  • Narrated by the author of Blue Pelican Java... with a little humor thrown in.
  • A solitary learner could easily use the videos and booklet to proceed at his own pace... with little intervention from a teacher.
  • Permission to duplicate and distribute within your own school

Extras included with teacher manual & flash drive:

  • Complete source code for all projects provided on the flash drive
  • Booklet provided as a printable pdf on the flash drive
  • The pdf file has complete, color coded bookmarks that make the document easy to navigate.
  • Videos and booklet have been student tested
Here's what you get:
  • On the flash drive
    • 30 videos correlated with booklet
    • Printable pdf version of booklet with answers
    • Fully tested source code for all the projects
  • Booklet...84 pages, fully bookmarked
  • Permission to reproduce videos and booklets within your school
  • All for $89.95
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Great for the solitary learner or home schooling

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