Sample Lessons


The Blue Pelican Java text book is distributed as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. It's a fairly big download (12.8 mb), so we provide here a quick way of viewing  sample lessons. The following links bring up sample lessons in the form of small Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files, so your computer must be capable of viewing pdf files.

Sample Lesson #11..The for Loop

Sample Lesson #14...Binary, Hex, Octal

Sample Lesson #39...Recursion        Sample Answers #39

Sample Lesson #29...Random Numbers

Sample Lesson #51...Binary Search Trees
These are fairly typical lessons and consist of the following features:
  • Lesson with explanation and code examples

  • Exercises

  • Programming projects

  • Contest type problems

  • Answers to exercise, project, and contest portion

  • Quizzes

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