Search Engine Optimization Video
(SEO by Blue Pelican)

...practical,...not your typical "get rich quick" SEO verbiage...

...engage your web mastering students like never before with this SEO video...

...allows even a nontechnical person to supervise the creation of a top ranked site...

Practical Web Mastering

What the textbooks never told you about how to rank high in Google...

Watch your web mastering students "come alive" when they discover how to create a top-ranked page on the internet...

Find out how to move a Google listing on page five to page one...                         

Told by a successful developer with Search Engine Optimization...

Get both strategy and specific coding advice...

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What this Search Engine Optimization Video does not do:

  • It does not try to teach web mastering from scratch.
  • It does not try to teach java scripting from scratch.
  • It does not bore with an endless recitation of technical details.

What this Search Engine Optimization Video does:

  • Shows how to drive traffic to your site (ranking high in Google)

    • Choice of a domain name

    • Meta tags... the all important title, keyword placment and density.

    • Descriptions that display in Google listings... makes people want to click.

    • Shows how to drop caps, text wrap, etc to make you page look mor professional

    • Shows how to dress up lists to make them more attractive.

    • Shows how make ordinary pictures bring life to a page..

    • Getting other sites to link to you... a large portion of the video is
      devoted to this all important topic since this is the primary way to
      gain a high ranking
      on search engines.

  • Shows how to make visitors want to buy once they're on your site.
  • Uses real internet sites as examples of the key points...let's you see how other have done it.
  • Makes you realize that you can do it, too... even if you don't create websites yourself, this SEO video will allow even the nontechnical person to make sure his developer is adhering to proven principles.

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Here's what you get in this SEO video:
  • On the DVD
    • 30 individual SEO videos

    • Examples of actual working websites in which the principles are proven to be working

    • A printable pdf file containing a detailed outline of the video with links to all the demo pages.

    • How to use both commercial and free shopping carts

    • Advice on when and when not to use advertizing

    • And much, much more. See menu of all items on the DVD.

  • Permission to put these Search Engine Optimization Videos on a LAN within your school

  • Permission to reproduce the DVD within your school

  • All for $69.95
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Great for the solitary learner or home schooling

Web mastering teachers:... sure, your students know how to make a web page,...

....but do they know how to make it top ranked in Google?

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