Obtaining a Password


Downloading the BPJ Answer Book

Unfortunately, I have had to change our policy with regard to free downloads of the answer book. While I have  always tried to verify those downloading as being legitimate educators, word has leaked back to me concerning numerous student scams in illegally obtaining the answer book. If these students would only turn their talents toward learning something useful, the world would be a much better place. My fellow educators out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, in order for an educator to obtain access to this massive (almost 600 pages) answer book, it must now be purchased. We have sold thousands, and to this day, no one has complained about it not being worth the price. A thorough description of the contents of the answer book is provided. Actual samples from the answer book in downloadable pdf form are also available.

As an educator, you will find the hard copy answer book we supply on a flash drive is valuable as a desk reference when printed; however, equally valuable is the ability to quickly print quizzes, tests, source code solutions to projects, etc. When both a textbook(hard copy) and answerbook(pdf file) are purchased, pdf versions of both are provided on the same flash drive.

You should be aware that when ordering an answer book, that we will go through a process in which I will verify your position as an educator. If a school purchase order is submitted, then no further verification is needed. When ordering online, please give the requested telephone number of your institution's office so I can verify you position as an educator. This is necessary to keep the answers and tests out of the hands of some of the more enterprising students.

For those purchasing both the hardcopy text book and pdf answer book, pdf versions of both are provided on the same flash drive.