What's New with BPJ?


This pdf, downloadable version of the Blue Pelican Java textbook (7.0.1A) explains many of the new features of Java 5.0, 6.0, & 7.0.

An extensive set of instructional videos (170) is available. These videos cover most of the material in the chapters in considerable depth.

A new Appendix AF on generic classes has been added.

The following are the major additions with the advent of Java 5.0 and higher versions.

  • Scanner class:

    • Input from keyboard

    • Parsing strings

    • File input

  • Format class and printf

  • Autoboxing and unboxing

  • switch now switches on Strings

  • Binary literals

  • Radix sorts

  • Enhanced for loop

  • Static imports

  • Nano time

  • Generics (type parameters)

  • Contest type problems added to the "Static" chapter

  • More "real world", practical programming projects:

    • Three new projects using maps

    • Two new projects using queues